An analysis of the principles of a love story in the scarlet letter by nathaniel hawthorne

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This sequel is exhaustively analyzed in the romance, and hence the profound and permanent interest of the story. But the timely and passionate interference of the young minister averts the fate. Themes are the fundamental and often universal ideas explored in a literary work. Then she talks of The consecration of their love-affair. We are drawn to regard, not the outline, but the substance, which claims affinity with the inmost recesses of our own nature; so that The Scarlet Letter is a self-revelation to whomsoever takes it up. Reading on The Scarlet Letter. This allows our team to focus on improving the library and adding new essays. From the fate of Hester and Dimmesdale we may learn that it avails not the sinner to live a life of saintly deeds and aims, but to be true; not to scourge himself, to wear sackcloth, or to redeem other souls, but openly to accept his shame. John Winthrop — , second governor of the Massachusetts Bay Colony. With him are ministers Wilson and Dimmesdale. But the purpose of the author is more profound and radical than could be fulfilled by this obvious and superficial way of dealing with the situation. She meets the pale, elderly scholar, with his dim yet penetrating eyes, and the marriage, loveless on her part and folly on his, takes place; but they saw not the bale-fire of the scarlet letter blazing at the end of their path. The use of incidents in fiction is twofold, — to develop the characters and to keep awake the reader's attention. Female Independence Hawthorne explores the theme of female independence by showing how Hester boldly makes her own decisions and is able to take care of herself. But given Hester and the minister, and the punishment inflicted upon the former, and Chillingworth becomes inevitable.

The Scarlet Letter. This covenant was rejected by the Puritans as it was part of Catholicism.

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We'll take a look right away. She still sees her sin, but begins to look on it differently than the villagers ever have. Beatrice is nourished upon poisonous plants, until she becomes herself poisonous. When Hester casts it away, she stamps and cries with passion and will not be pacified till it is replaced. Hester becomes [ Because the society excludes her, she considers the possibility that many of the traditions upheld by the Puritan culture are untrue and are not designed to bring her happiness. The sinful act of adultery, which is a guilt indeed, generates frustration in the lovers.

This is the most hideous episode in the story, and well represents the bottomless slough of iniquity which awaits the deliberate choice of evil. That is but a trifle, when a woman knows the world. April Issue Library of Congress Between Hawthorne's earlier and his later productions there is no solution of literary continuity, but only increased growth and grasp.

The intensity of love reaches its height in the forest-interview between the lovers. We are drawn to regard, not the outline, but the substance, which claims affinity with the inmost recesses of our own nature; so that The Scarlet Letter is a self-revelation to whomsoever takes it up.

She chooses the latter: but at this point her course is swayed by a providential circumstance with which society had nothing to do. As she grows older, Pearl becomes capricious and unruly. His name contains the root word "dim" which evokes the feeling of faint, weak, and gloom.

Standing as the incarnation, instead of the victim, of a sin, Pearl affords a unique opportunity for throwing light upon the inner nature of the sin itself.

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Unlike the latter, moreover, it involves no risk; on the contrary, it is enforced by the whole weight of social opinion. Dimmesdale is, therefore, a ceaseless sufferer. But this method would baffle Chillingworth's revenge just where he designed it to be most effective; for, by leaving the sinner with no load of secret guilt in his heart, it is inadvertently merciful in its very unmercifulness. This represents the constant state Dimmesdale finds himself in. Her thoughts begin to stretch and go beyond what would be considered by the Puritans as safe or even Christian. He was a Puritan minister involved with the government of the colony, and also the Salem Witch Trials. We have glimpses of the heroine in the antique gentility of her English home; we see the bald brow and reverend beard of her father, and her mother's expression of heedful and anxious love; we behold the girl's own face, glowing with youthful beauty. It transmutes the prose into poetry. His innocence is conscious and manipulated.

This appears a little strained. The affection which she excites, consequently, is immediately perceived to be due neither to her beauty not to her intellectual acuteness; still less to the evil effluence which exhales from these, and is characteristic of them.

This combination of "dreaminess" and realism gave the author space to explore major themes.

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An Analysis of the Principles of a Love Story in The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne