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Lalonde was the star of both teams.

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Taylor was famous from coast to coast for his hurricane speed and agility. Joe Hall was penalized. Here are the adjusted career numbers for some early era stars using a slight variation of the Ideal Points method from the Hockey Compendium.

Lucy has lived and worked in London and New York as part of her international career. Eastern European Poets Series No.

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The following year, a group of 15 professionals met for the first board meeting of the American Society for Training Directors in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. He opened up a burst of speed and sidestepped the whole local crew, went up and pulled Lindsay aside and scored. Prior to setting up her own business in , Jackie had a career spanning thirty years spent in both HR leadership and advisory roles for PwC, Tesco and Marks and Spencer. His second effort, a brilliant shot of a rebound, and a well-placed shot over Holmes' shoulder, was a beautiful piece of strategy. Great Centremen: Stars of Hockey's Golden Age by Paul White said: His blazing speed dazzled both players and fans alike, and when he used it to dominate the game, scoring five goals in his very first game in the league, it was reported that the governor general turned to his aide and commented, "They should call that man the Cyclone-his speed blew the other team out of the rink. He got a two-minute ovation for that little gambit. Legendary Pittsburgh shortstop Honus Wagner claimed Taylor "was as fine of an athlete as he has ever seen". The Edmonton Bulletin Jan 28 said: There is only one "Cyclone" Taylor for cleverness on skates and with the stick, though Tommy Dunderdale is giving him a close run for the high individual honors in the forward section. Newsy made the winning goal possible. In fact, some long time sportswriters consider Taylor to be hockey's first superstar.

Epistolary novelLulu Press, Taylor went in and out through Glass and Ross and taking his time picked out the open corner of the net. Lalonde played coverpoint for at least a few games in '

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