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What would you say about us to a colleague? Should you make up endorsements yourself and ask customers to sign off on them?

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So how can you make your communications stand out and get the job done? Having a ready resume in your pocket is a big advantage. In addition to writing style, consider cultural preferences when you communicate across borders.

How many pieces of paper land on your desk each day, or emails in your inbox? Take them into account on an everyday level, too, if your workplace like most today is multicultural, or you want to reach prospective clients whose English language skills are limited.

Did we increase profitability, save you time, or increase efficiency? Begin each previous job description with a few lines of narrative that provide readers with an easy-to-grasp idea of the most important and relevant work you performed. Use short, simple, basic sentences.

Second, you miss the opportunity to strengthen the bond with your customer and discover why you are valued — and how to do even better. Take careful liberty to adapt spoken language to a written form.

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Business Writing For Dummies Cheat Sheet