Case study approach to educational research

Burgess Eds. It is a highly interactive text with a critical edge and is a useful tool for teaching.

Case study approach to educational research

Secondly, there is the symbolic interactionism approach, which states that human experience is mediated by interpretation, since it is people who ascribe meanings to goals, situations and events. Literature Review Case study is a research method of a social phenomenon, through the analysis of a specific context of its reality. Using computers in qualitative research. All typologies assume that reality will be interpreted by the investigator. Google Scholar Stake, R. Therefore, it is of relevance to confirm whether the study design sets an effective case study, or whether it is the incomplete analysis of a case. However, quite in line with the large sample size, the analysis has been quite shallow: the fragments of student discourse are presented without any contextual interpretation, which makes it impossible as a reader to assess the validity of the given interpretations. Qualitative case study methodology: Study design and implementation for novice researchers. Characteristics of case study: Case study is by its nature idiographic work, and usually tends to be interpretive. Images for understanding: Snapshots of learning through the arts. Betty Malen, for her comments on an earlier draft of this paper and for her invaluable support throughout the process. Consequently, qualitative research values the process, the dynamics and the context, induction as a way of adjusting the research design starting question, objectives and instruments , the social interactions between participants, the role s of the investigator s and the detailed and reasoned reporting of the case. Step-by-step guidance from initial ideas through to the reality of undertaking case study in educational research is helpful Mrs Lyz Howard Department of Health, Health and Social Care Teaching Team April 9, The book is written in a practical way, which gives a clear guide for undergraduate students especially for those who are using case study in education research. Table 1. From filing cabinet to computer.

And it is a good read! Doing case study research: A practical guide for beginning researchers. Beliefs of preservice teachers in art education.

Introduction The case study approach is often used in educational research, either by experienced researchers or students. Qualitative data analysis: An expanded source book 2nd ed. They treat each case as empirically distinct and, in contrast to survey analysis, do not automatically presume that different instances can be thrown together to form a homogenous aggregate.

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