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It was in that Adolf Hitler was given power; as he was a part of the Nazi grouping in the Reichstag, the largest of the groups in the government by In an attempt to regain power and trust, President Hindenburg and the former temporary chancellor, Papen, decided to confront the Nazi party and allow Hitler to become vice chancellor if the group would become allies with the two.

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Conditions were favourable for the growth of the small party, and Hitler was sufficiently astute to take full advantage of them. Germany now had a low unemployment rate and had an improved international status.

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Placed on trial for treason , he characteristically took advantage of the immense publicity afforded to him. During the Holocaust, terrible and devistating things happened. Goebbels used a combination of modern media, such as films and radio, and traditional campaigning tools such as posters and newspapers to reach as many people as possible. Hindenburg refused to grant von Schleicher permission to rule by decree. Inspired by the ideologies of ethnic cleansing and how Germans should be the purest of all races, these ideas became rampant all across the country, and many citizens believed that this horrible wrongness could be justified, it would be for the greater good of the true Aryan people. Cassi-Dee Muller reports. The ghettos only served as temporary holding establishments of the Jewish people before they were transported to Extermination and Concentration camps. All morality and truth were judged by this criterion: whether it was in accordance with the interest and preservation of the Volk. When addressed to soldiers, veterans, or other nationalist interest groups, Nazi propaganda emphasized military buildup and return of other territories lost after Versailles. Who in the eyes of the Nazi party, were meant to conform to art forms such as neoclassicism and traditional styles as to promote the Aryan ideals and power of Nazi Germany. Alternative arguments to this suggest that those who were hurt by the economy and had little risk of unemployment labeled in the readings as the working poor supported the Nazi Party.

Learning Objectives Through class discussion and a written response, students will examine how choices made by individuals and groups contributed to the rise of the Nazi Party in the s and s. This Article permitted the German government to govern without parliamentary consent and was to be applied only in cases of direct national emergency.

To dissolve the parliament, the president used Article 48 of the German constitution. Beyond Marxism he believed the greatest enemy of all to be the Jewwho was for Hitler the incarnation of evil.

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