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Very few TV shows paved the way for what television is today and, after spending ten years on the air, Friends is one of those few. Moreover, you can view these channels in the language of your choice.

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Many have pondered that television disturbs traditions as well as interferes with the minds of adolecened children who can not yet comprehend the truth of fiction and reality.

Short Essay on Television Words — Essay 1 Today a television is found in almost every house across the world. But, finally it is upon us, that how to use the idiot box for gaining information and knowledge, before switching it off.

Television also makes it easy for a family to bond when they come together to watch specific programs or movies. Inonly 9 percent of American households had a television set, but by the the figure had reached 90 percent.

The information that it provides is not always useful, however that depends on the user to a larger extent.

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Now, in it lets everyone have anything from news to entertainment in the palm of their hands.

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