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We also need to learn from the Montreal Protocol example, and apply it to more of the climate problem. Industry and, to some extent, the general public have been slow to accept the idea of global warming. It can even be a matter of survival in face of the growing heatwaves sweeping the globe. Robert Frost, et al. December 9, Many other countries, including China, Brazil and India have agreed with President Obama, one of the champions of the HFC amendment, to support the amendment. In addition to the outstanding example of cooperation between scientists and public policy makers, industry, after initial resistance, joined in the effort to protect the ozone layer. If this power comes from fossil-fuel sources, it contributes to climate change, which in turn increases global temperatures and the need for cooling. While industry worked to find substitutes for the banned CFCs, it also explored completely different ways of accomplishing tasks that CFCs had been used for. The main ozone-depleting substances are chlorofluorocarbons CFCs , invented in the s and used for propellants in aerosol cans, as solvents, and as coolants. In fact, the efforts to phase out CFCs from our spray cans, air conditioners and other products and equipment managed to solve an amount of the climate problem that otherwise would have equalled the warming now being caused by carbon dioxide, the climate pollutant responsible for 55 to 60 percent of all warming since the Industrial Revolution. Guruswamy, Geoffrey W.

The federal government later funded research into the problem. This path-breaking agreement is the first major international effort to deal with environmental issues that go beyond national boundaries.

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Moreover, just like with the Montreal Protocol, trade leakage is expected to be a major challenge with Kyoto. Higher levels of UV-B would increase the incidence of human eye cataracts which, if untreated, can lead to blindness.

Essays on montreal protocol

Norton, Energy efficiency can dampen this negative feedback loop, with opportunities for improvements abundant as the industry adjusts its technology to replace HFCs. But, we tackled this challenge.

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Industry and, to some extent, the general public have been slow to accept the idea of global warming.

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Policy Implications from the Montreal Protocol