Evaluate how nature and nurture may affect the physical intellectual emotional and social developmen

This was due to the genetic information passed on from her parents to her. Howeverthis had a good effect on his life as he had a wife and children that depended on him.

how does nurture affect social development

Later on in her life such as early adulthood she learnt from her behaviour and changed for the better. Nature is what is influenced by genetic heritage and other biological factors.

nature and nurture in adolescence development

They also learn to talk, joke, rhyme and sign. However Winfrey was able to improve her appearance this fits in with the nurture debate as she was able to make herself look the way she wanted. It influenced Tupac negatively as he adapted to the way the people were living around him.

Although he grew up angry at his father for not doing things for him and his mother. Childhood: Nature and Nurture.

They will need someone to bath them, dress them and feed them as a child of this age would not be able to do this for themselves. Adulthood Intellectual By this stage Winfrey had established what she wanted to become after graduating from college.

how does nurture affect intellectual development
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How nature and nurture may affect the development Essay Example