Excel vba set custom paper size

Properties 39 And PageSetup. Generally, you should specify full rows or columns as title rows or columns. If you specify incomplete rows or columns, Excel automatically expands the range to cover the full row or column. I've looked everywhere, and it's been bugging me for years that I've never found an answer.

Property PageSetup. Print the PageSetup.

excel vba set printer paper size

So even though I know for a fact that the "Company Letterhead" paper size choice is stored with the document, I can't for the life of me find that choice in the object model.

PrintHeadings The PrintHeadings property allows you to specify whether row and column headings are printed. PaperSize to the same values in either case code included below. When I macro-record my actions in setting a document to "Company Letterhead" paper size, and do the same setting a document to A4, the resulting code is identical, setting every property of the PageSetup object except, oddly enough.

Ws as i would seem to change the excel object through vb.

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VBA to set printing page size