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In other examples, the last verb is missing.

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This grammatical knowledge may then result in specific sorts of errors. While these items do involve multiple clauses, it is not clear what precise features of structural complexity contribute to the psycholinguistic complexity of the reproductions. The protocol was approved by the Institutional Review Boards of the University of Rochester and the Rochester Institute of Technology, and all subjects gave informed consent. Vicars: It stays on a horizontal plane most of the time. In lexical and syntactic errors, we see a further distinction between errors preserving semantic content at the lexical level synonyms vs. As an example, the errors among adjacent words in Sentence Item 15, pictured in Figure 6 , reveal several kinds of cascading interactions among the multiple operations for constructing poly-componential predicates in ASL. We will lay out observational generalizations highlighting these points and then provide interpretation of the data in support of the theoretical models cited above. The test session follows and is self-paced without a time limit for response: subjects view each sentence only once, but they then have unlimited time to make their response. It will take two hours to go from Point A to Point B. Native signers' errors were predominantly lexical substitutions that had a semantic relationship to the target sign and were unrelated to its phonological form. But in either case, the displacement is constrained, with the DET omitted or displaced to a position after the clause. Also among semi-fluent signers, we have found a larger proportion of visuo-motorically driven formation along with some linguistic fragments from ASL phonology.

In general, the rater training takes about 3 days to complete. This rater-training protocol provides an introduction to the overall accurate reproduction aim of the ASL-SRT and to the two aspects of rating: scoring each item as correctly or incorrectly reproduced, and noting the type of error in the case of incorrect reproduction at various levels.

The results of this analysis are set out in the sections below. This is seen, however, only in specific morpho-syntactic contexts for fluent signers. One way to address this question is to examine the way signers use working memory to process and retain ASL sentences. In some cases they placed their hand on their shoulder, thus indicating they noticed the articulation of the AGO segment.

This slot in the sentence shows a greater number of errors occurring in comparison to the other items in the sentence. Rather, error types were incorrect reproductions and not merely pronunciation or accent differences.

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Example of error made for sentence item Word omission is the most frequently occurring type of error, with a higher incidence than the remaining error types: morphological, syntactic, lexical, and phonological.

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