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He had written about his views on social subjects and the responsibilities of great wealth in Triumphant Democracy and Gospel of Wealth The "Made in Allegheny" label used on these and other diversified products was becoming more and more popular.

In the fall ofPierpont transferred to the Hartford Public School and then to the Episcopal Academy in Cheshire, Connecticut now called Cheshire Academyboarding with the principal.

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Steel's size would allow the company to be more aggressive and effective in pursuing distant international markets " globalization ". The young Carnegie continued to work for the Pennsylvania's Tom Scott, and introduced several improvements in the service.

Carnegie built a business and loved competition. I figure that this will take three years' active work. Carnegie, through Keystone, supplied the steel for and owned shares in the landmark Eads Bridge project across the Mississippi River at St.

Morgan's astounding success transformed the financial industry and left behind a powerful legacy. He was a hard worker and would memorize all of the locations of Pittsburgh's businesses and the faces of important men. Financial Empire and Government Savior Morgan's life and career took another turn after the death of his father in Carnegie worked with others in establishing a steel rolling milland steel production and control of industry became the source of his fortune.

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Andrew Carnegie's Story