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The study revealed that some Nigerian banks are not comprehensively training their staff because of its high cost. The present review indicates that the topics of m-banking adoption and behavioural intention dominate the majority of research, but finds very few studies on post-adoption. Search results Table A1 shows the results of 3. Rullis and B. Information Science Department. E-banking has brought in a great change in Nigerian banking sector. Joglekar and S. Security Role in Internet Banking

The study included Exploratory interviews for collection of data from the respondents and the study identified eight characteristics that influenced the rate of adoption. Moderating variables such as also reported that the quality of e-services has a direct and an gender, age, involvement, variety seeking behavior and indirect impact on both e-satisfaction and e-trust.

This paper presents a review of literature related to effect of service quality on customer satisfaction published in academic journals between and The concept has moved Nigerian banks to a new height; they could compete favorably with other banks world over.

literature review on digital banking in india

Sabi, Research trends in the diffusion of nternet banking in developing countriesJournal of Internet Banking and Commerce, vol.

The studies included in Table 1 are diverse but still, a A study carried among customers in Malaysia used significant pattern in the structure of e-loyalty formation can be multiple regressions to understand the direct effects of the found.

N the results of the individual primary studies are not 2.

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Faziharudean, "Factors Affecting relationships between the determinants of e-banking loyalty Customer Loyalty of Using Internet Banking in and e-banking loyalty which can be researched further more Malaysia," Journal of Electronic Banking comprehensively for better understanding of the loyalty Systems, p. As expected, consumer behavior, adoption are moving away from old websites to new and security issues made up a large proportion of adopting of iOS, android, and Windows phone reviewed articles. Findings The importance of use and individual performance has long been recognised by academics and practitioners in a variety of functional disciplines. Search process 2. The results of the commitment results in spurious loyalty. It is also identified that website quality has direct effect causal relations using advanced tools of analysis like SEM. One of the key challenges of the Internet as a service delivery channel is how they manage service quality, which holds a significant influence on customer satisfaction. Walters and B. Commercial Bank SCB. The SEM analysis reveal that e-quality has a strong The discussion above with regard to the relationships impact in e-loyalty via the mediating effect of e-trust. Nigerian environment is turbulent; therefore Nigerian banks have been dynamic in so as to meet this trend. The research methodology included survey of respondents in Ludhiana and respondents included public , private and foreign bank sector. Musaev and M.

The Q4. Hence, commitment is study indicate that male customers patronizes electronic an important component of the loyalty concept. In another study by Onyeukwu was carried out in Nigeria. In satisfied with internet banking reliability, internet banking addition, [15] identified switching costs as also directly usability, internet banking quality.

Akinici et al.

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