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The different browsers Safari, Opera, browsers specific to the device, etc.

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For the first time in the seven-year history of the report, those surveyed did not nominate online as the most rapidly developing method. Not every standard software offers the functionality of automatic adjustment to suit different display sizes.

Preview template Event planning survey template Use this template to organize your event and see who's coming.

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To ensure that your survey works correctly, test it by computer, tablet and mobile phone. But, as research becomes increasing mobile, might not the normal way to answer many typical questions be with a picture? If the survey is being completed while travelling on a train for example, it is very possible that there might be breaks in communication, if there is poor network coverage. This development has been accompanied by an ongoing strong penetration by the mobile telephone. In this way, interviews can be designed in a more diversified way with media support or the data collected can be enriched by the addition of qualitatively valuable aspects such as photos. We found that as many as 30 percent of invitees were starting some surveys on a mobile device, either a smartphone or a tablet. But research has shown that they are not the best tools for good data quality and respondent experience. Shorter surveys are always better , but consumers using mobile devices have even less patience for long, time-consuming surveys that respondents using computers. Tim Macer is convinced that, "Mobile Research can underpin classical methods and close off some loopholes".

In order to improve the respondents' experience in answering the web surveys on mobile devices, optimizing the layout of the survey for smaller screen is crucial: non-optimized layouts lead to lower data quality.

This is reason enough for a complete industry to focus on the opportunities for mobile market research. Those who completed on a smartphone were more likely to be younger under 35female and non-white.

According to a current study, "Mobile Web Watch ", numbers in Germany have already reached 14 million, almost five times as many as in Mobile statistics show a high and very fast response rate. Winfried Hagenhoff advises market research companies to establish in-house specialists as well, who are in a position to be able to select the optimum combination of platforms and softwares for a project, depending on the specific requirements.

Learn how and why people use their cell phones, and the types of activities they do on their mobile. All participants who fall into this category are excluded from the start.

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Irrespective of whether online or mobile, there is no more economical way of recruiting people to take part in a survey than addressing them with an invitation by e-mail, SMS, QR code or through mobile websites. HTML5 should give the possibility of making an application available for several platforms without a lot of effort, thereby reducing development and maintenance costs. To that end, Market Strategies conducted a controlled experiment that tested seven different survey presentations: five on mobile devices and two on desktop computers. On the whole however, there is an increasing acceptance of Mobile Research, as the broader accessibility to people to participate in a survey within a short time is becoming a central factor, according to Winfried Hagenhoff. We found that as many as 30 percent of invitees were starting some surveys on a mobile device, either a smartphone or a tablet. The trend towards the increasing distribution of web-enabled mobile phones, and the improved representativity that comes along with it, does still continue: from to , Nielsen Mobile noticed an increase of the mobile internet usage. Only if all these aspects are being noticed, a final conclusion regarding the sampling can be drawn. A function whereby the device "speaks" the questions, which, for example is used with studies involving children from the age of 6, makes it possible to carry out surveys that would not have been possible, were it not for these devices. Avoid Images and Videos. The survey software is immediately installed on the mobile phone and the survey can be filled out straight away. If you have more questions on mobile or cell phone usage, customize this survey with your own questions. The high number of different and not-compatible software or the low transmission rate of data are just a few to name. Using Mobile Services through the Internet has become a firm part of many users' everyday life.

Survey Manager Tim Macer sees the main reason for this as being the saturation levels reached by the method of online market research. Should those being surveyed or panel members actually be able to respond from anywhere when they are on the move or should certain surveys be addressed more calmly and in a more considered way?

In addition, the panel members transmitted meaningful and significant photos and Nielsen was able to build up a gallery of approx.

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The Mobile Future of Market Research