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I couldn't get to the end of that book - to the lousy end ofthat book [laughter] unless I could invoke Van Eck phreaking so it's set up in one part of the book, early on where it seems like a digression, and then later it turns out to be integral to the plot.

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The System of the World won the Prometheus Award in That's not to say that I don't engage in digressions, but I have tried to curtail that tendency and to only do it when what looks like a digression is only going to be relevant later on down the line. To do so, they have to find an actual living witch and then build a pseudo-scientific time-travel facility where she can work, in an unmarked building in Cambridge, Mass.

I can give you the answer that makes me look good which is "Oh yes, I'll read the great book! So, by the end of it I was only consulting reference materials when I had some incredibly specific thing that I needed to know about wigs.

Stephenson at this time would later be described by Mike Godwin as "a slight, unassuming grad-student type whose soft-spoken demeanor gave no obvious indication that he had written the manic apotheosis of cyberpunk science fiction.

Since you write everything longhand, what's your favourite kind of pen? Centenarians are locked in for a hundred years, and Millennarians—long-lifespanners who are endowed with Yoda-esque wisdom—emerge only in years ending in triple zeros. So rather than just go off on Wikipedia Aud: Please do!

Did they happen to be there, or did you know they were going to be there and drive past them? I write with a pen, so I pick up a different pen, edit those pages in a different colour of ink and by the time I'm through to the end of that, I'm sort of spun up and ready to Q: Well, then I might be one of the minority who enjoys them.

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Personally, I don't get into a book unless it's a good yarn, and that means it's got to have characters you care about and it's got to have a good story. On the other hand, there are a lot of things in my life that are important and keep me communicating over email. The nub of the endeavor is the construction of a clock that has the mother of all warranties: It's built to last 10, years. Stephenson: Thanks, I just realised I don't have to stand behind that object because I'm wearing a wireless mic. Because drawing a line through a word is just faster than any sequence of grabbing your mouse and highlighting the word and hitting the eject key. The System of the World won the Prometheus Award in But Stephenson's sprawling, Pynchon-esque works transcend his cult status and are having an impact on the mainstream literary world. In keeping with the baroque style, Stephenson's books have become longer as he has gained recognition. Now this is completely staggering. I can give you the answer that makes me look good which is "Oh yes, I'll read the great book! In every Neal Stephenson novel, there are characters who regard the world with an insatiable yet bemused curiosity; they are fascinated with the way things work and are forever eager to lay on hands, tinker, tweak, and obsess. That approach worked for me, and it's just how I did it.
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