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Section II provides an overview of the thesis process, from the thesis proposal, which is turned in as an assignment for the summer Research class, to the ethics application, to the final evaluation criteria for the thesis.

Be discriminating when using the personal pronoun "I," especially in a thesis or research paper, and especially in the Literature Review section of your thesis.

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Franz, , pp 3. Examples can be found in theses completed beginning with the academic year. Vague locutions such as "and so forth," "and so on," or "etc. Given this co-constitutional nature of inquiry, Pacifica requires you to clarify and examine the nature and parameters of your topic as well as the autobiographical origins of your specific interests within it. The tip-of-the-tongue phenomenon: Blocking or partial activation? The act of writing allows you to go beyond what is given or simply perceived in detail; you hope to glimpse what is promised, what is anticipated in the givenness of experience, grasping its deeper psychological ground. Has my paper chapter a single informing theme, with its proper developments, or is it merely a series of loosely connected ideas and images?

Memories, dreams, reflections A. A short, metaphoric title might be followed by a colon plus a more discursive version. Jones, Ed.

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The citation is listed in the text but is NOT listed in the References section. Personal websites, Weblogs blogs , open forum discussion boards, and self-published websites generally should not be used as references in scholarly writing. Standard APA: Use at least 1-inch margins all around your paper. Changing a few words in a quote and calling it one s own work is plagiarism. Such a discussion can simultaneously engage the readers and assure them that you are cognizant of your own emotional attachments to the topic. How can we introspect this introspector? Example: A similar question arises in archetypal psychology, and receives a partial answer from Hillman : Moreover, and more important than the act itself, who is doing the introspection? Do not use ellipses at the beginning or end of quoted material. As stated in the APA Publication Manual, variations are allowed as long as graduate programs provide students with written guidelines that explain all modifications , p. Page numbers are always required for direct quotes. Maintaining credibility with a reader is key to ensuring one s work is acknowledged and accepted in an academic forum. Absent in C work is any original thought, complexity, subtlety, or reflective sense of the ideas or insights from the course. In a quotation in running text that is already enclosed in double quotation marks, use single quotation marks to enclose quoted material.

Additionally, the thesis serves as an opportunity for the student to incorporate the theories and practices gleaned from the course work, clinical training and internship experience. Personal Communication This form is used for personal conversations, interviews, telephone conversations, and letters.

Towards this end, the student is asked: 28 1. VandenBos, G.

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McGuire Eds. Counseling Theses or 2: Click on library catalog. To demonstrate competency in researching a specific area and in expressing ideas with clarity and precision.

In this case, no quotation marks are used, and the period precedes the parenthesis. Campbell, J.

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