The europeans vs the native americans

Nonetheless, they did have many chiefs among the tribal chiefdoms that regulated relations among the tribal members. The Narraganset were not involved in the war.

As a result, weakened by disease. You might think that Africans brought to America were the only enslaved people. While the Native Americans prophesied the arrival of Europeans, Europeans fantasized about what awaited them in the lands they hoped to "discover.

European impact on native american culture

The following year, French troops lost Quebec, crippling their military strength. This week in our series, we tell the story of a clash of cultures and beliefs. On the other hand, the Europeans practiced environmental depletion by cutting trees in large numbers, damming streams for water reserves and killing any and all animals in a wasteful manner. They traded with the French and were friendly and reliable towards them. In time, the practice of enslaving Native peoples ended. They hunted only what they could eat, so populations of animals could continue to increase. The first Europeans to settle in the New England area of the Northeast wanted land. The cultural clash of the Europeans and the Natives also resulted in the formation of new races and religion. Smallpox had caused deadly epidemics in Europe, but it was unknown to the Indians. Many of these tribes still exist -- Indian nations like the Seneca, the Mohawk, the Seminole and the Cherokee. In , President Andrew Jackson signed a bill requiring Native Americans to move from their tribal homelands to reservations — or land set apart for them.

Introduction to archaeology. The Indians understood nature and were at peace with it.

native american view of european settlers

This document became a prelude to some of the most brutal encounters between Spanish soldiers and Native Americans. Historian Otis Rice suggests this absence was due to the Five Nations, "which sought domination of the Ohio Valley as part of their effort to control the fur trade with the Dutch, and later the British.

If we consider the injustices that were served to an entire race, we begin to heal the damage and pain American Indian people still feel today.

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Cultural Clash: Native Americans vs. Europeans