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importance of human resources in public administration

The company also practices an open door policy. As evidenced, strategic policies crafts a decisive goals' path for firm's benefit whilst building effective workforce team.

Need of human resource management

HSBC bank uses a variety of training mechanisms, including e-learning, which is a cost-effective way of enabling more employees to work on programmes at their own pace. References 4. Ideally, recruitment should follow an order closest to; vacancy advertisement, selection of potential candidates, interviewing and contracting the successful candidate s. This helps employees to do their very best in jobs, as they do not feel they are been judged. HRM practices can help the hospital to deal with the competition in the following. Within such an environment the effectiveness of HRM is crucial to business success. An important part of the performance management process is development of employees' work-related skills, knowledge and experience. As organisations grow, individuals can lose their identity, becoming just another number or face in the crowd. This does not just benefit the company but it further is beneficial for the individual or working professionals as it allows them opportunities to grow and develop professionally. HRM is also important in designing and management of strategic HR planning. In other words, there is more to the workday than the work that is being done, and people who work closely with one another can and should get along. Companies see recruitment as a very expensive venture so they try to avoid recruiting new staff by training their current employees and retain them for a longer period. The HR personnel also have to decide about the specific strategy that they will follow while recruiting new employees for the company.

Changes in technology can contribute to obsolescence of the working force which would spill over to the organization not achieving its objectives Jackson, Motivation as a HRM activity can completely change the perception of employees while in the work environment.

They need to know what they are doing rather than be told what to do as they communicate with the customers on a daily basis. HRM office must always find the most appropriate method of counteracting a technological shift by either hiring people with the needed expertise or by training the existing one.

Economies in which organizations are based are dynamic. Nowadays successful companies need to be adaptive, resilient, customer-centred and quick to change direction.

This approach helps employees to take responsibility for their own work and monitor their own performance. By helping individuals to develop themselves, they will be more inclined and better able to contribute to helping HSBC bank meet its objectives.

It includes all forms of planned learning experiences and activities designed to make a positive change to the performance of a company. This will encompass the importance of the practice, functions within this office and some of the motivation techniques that can be used as well as their role in achieving organizational objectives.

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Managers need to be aware that the things that motivate them may not necessarily motivate their employees. It can as well be said to be the bonus paid on successful achievement of performance objectives. The whole job could then be completed in a series of stages by a number of employees working together. The company will have to fill these gaps by recruiting staff or train existing and develop them into the right positions needed by the company at that time. Roles and Importance of Human Resource Management Human Resource Management is the procedure of requirement, selection, giving orientation , making giving trainings to employees and the creating skills, appraisal of worker , giving remuneration and advantages, benefits, providing motivation, keeping up workers security, welfare and wellbeing by following work laws of concern state or nation. Training and Development HR training and development specialists coordinate new employee orientation, an essential step in forging a strong employer-employee relationship. HRM practices can help the hospital to deal with the competition in the following.

This keeps people motivated, happy, personally engaged and contributing to company success. These objectives are always evaluated and monitored as it shows how successful the organisation is and how employees are meeting their personal objectives.

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Essay about The Importance Of Human Resources