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There's just one condition; Cejudo cannot be there during the training session, much to the dislike of Cejudo's assistant coach Kirian Fitzgobbins who is Ludwig's friend. Now, Stevenson is on the down-hill slope of his career after being released from the UFC after a four-fight skid. And the highest score is a hole in one at the center of the farthest target. Hiromasa Ogikubo defeated Adam Antolin via unanimous decision after two rounds. After 19 rounds, Benavidez wins the challenge with a score of to Instead of the usual 16 fighters, the season had 32 fighters after Dana White claimed that he was tired of fighters coming onto the show for airtime. During the first week in the house, Michael Chiesa - one of the participants - was told that his father had died. The next fight is announced: 4 Damacio Page vs. Diaz has also taken Gray Maynard and Clay Guida to narrow split decisions. His crazy desire, exciting personality, and heart has made him a fan-favorite in the UFC. Past UFC fighters who hadn't had the success they were expected to have, were invited back, to compete in the show, with the winner receiving a guaranteed title shot. Team Benavidez has a final dinner together discussing their time together before the final fight is underway.

Episode All On The Line November 16, Coach Benavidez brings in former Bantamweight champion and teammate TJ Dillashaw to provide an unbiased coaching approach for the upcoming bout between teammates.

Life Expectancy as a Fighter: 1 more year Gary A. While failing to make weight prior to the fight hardly helped his case, Escudero was released from the UFC after his loss to Oliveira.

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Tim Elliott defeated Eric Shelton via majority decision after two rounds. Hiromasa Ogikubo defeated Alexandre Pantoja via unanimous decision after two rounds. Eric Shelton defeated Ronaldo Candido via unanimous decision after two rounds. However, midway through the airing of the season, it was announced that Jackson was filming The A-Teamas its lead character B.

After knocking out Stefan Struve in under 40 seconds, Nelson went the distance with Junior Dos Santos, something no other fighter has been able to do inside the Octagon.

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As the fighters finalize their preparation, Cejudo is already struggling with a coaching compromise. On the other hand, we have also seen a number of former winners being released after not being able to live up to their potential.

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He was replaced by Sergio "Serginho" Moraesthe man he had defeated via KO in the semi-final round. All of the contestants are currently champions in their organizations. The focus immediately shifts to the next bout, where 8 Mitchell will face off against 9 Kara-France.

Eric Shelton defeated Yoni Sherbatov via technical submission rear-naked choke in the second round.

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Life Expectancy in the UFC: more years. Tim Elliott wins the tournament and earns the title shot at Demetrious Johnson. He wishes Pantoja the best of luck but informs him that he will be removing himself from corner duties. The season saw a format change, when the team-games were eliminated in favour of a conventional knockout style tournament format. The welterweight final saw James Wilks defeat DaMarques Johnson via submission in the opening round, handing the UK team a victory. The farther away the target, the higher the score. However, Stevenson lost that fight and has now only won three of eight fights since then. Emotions are high during Team Cejudo's training session when Charlie Alaniz starts smack talking about how he's going to "knock out" Kai Kara-France, his training partner. His crazy desire, exciting personality, and heart has made him a fan-favorite in the UFC. Although one is from Brazil and the other is from Mexico, they find a way to communicate due to similar languages and discover their backgrounds have many common traits. The next fight is 5 Hiromasa Ogikubo vs. Diaz has also taken Gray Maynard and Clay Guida to narrow split decisions. An eighth was added via a "wildcard" bout - a bout between two losers from the round of

Nevertheless, his talents inside of the cage have been shown, which makes Sanchez a very solid Ultimate Fighter winner.

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